Identifying the User:
While exploring the evolution of CD consumer preferences, a trend emerged favoring a younger generation. Individuals prioritize a tangible connection to their music and hold a high regard for audio quality, making the ideal consumer.

Bang & Olufsen Brand Language:
After analyzing the critical design traits of Bang & Olufsen, I gathered images to identify small details in their products that I could implement into my design. I created a collection of visuals that outlined and complemented key features; this process aided in the refinement of my final design concept.

Visual Concept Ideation:
Following my fully defined objective, I delved into possibilities for crafting a sleek and portable solution for a refined CD player, mindful of my established design principles. Emphasizing a minimalistic form, I carefully balanced it with the consideration of complexity for the overall build.

Internal Considerations:
I aimed to prioritize realistic operational considerations as pivotal elements of the project. To achieve this, I conducted an in-depth analysis of a CD player through a teardown, intending to comprehend its internal components. Additionally, I sought to optimize the utilization of the outer shell's space, aiming to minimize material usage while emphasizing functionality over form.

Every Texture Considered:
Each texture is placed to bring order to the design simplicity, strategically highlighting touchpoints and subtly suggesting motion infused throughout the product.

The Controls:
The implementation of touch controls for basic actions minimizes visual disruptions and alleviates the fatigue associated with performing routine gestures.

Bang & Olufsen App Integration:
Achieving seamless integration into the Bang & Olufsen ecosystem is effortlessly accomplished by transferring controls to your smart device via the Bang & Olufsen app. This enables convenient adjustments to be made effortlessly, even when you are away from the product.

Thanks to its integrated Lithium-Ion battery, the Beosound Compact offers the freedom to go anywhere and be available wirelessly anytime.

Electronic Compliance Regulations:
Crafted to meet electronic regulations worldwide, this product is designed to be easily accessible to anyone with an interest in it.

Fine Internal Details:
The aforementioned internal components of the Beosound Compact are visualized in a realistic manner, showcasing careful consideration and Delving into intricate details. The Beosound Compact unveils its sophisticated internal structure, capturing even the minutest elements down to each individual wire.

Optimized for the Best Sound Quality Through Bang & Olufsen Audio:
Crafted to deliver an unparalleled and exquisite auditory experience through Bang & Olufsen audio products. Primarily optimized for seamless integration within the entire ecosystem, the Bang & Olufsen family of products have their profiles tuned to ensure an immersive journey through sound, offering the ultimate audio experience with the Beosound Compact.

CMF That Follows Brand Identity:
Achieve seamless integration by pairing your Beosound Compact with complementary offerings from Bang & Olufsen, featuring shared CMF options that elevate your setup to an exquisite level of sophistication.​​​​​​​
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